It's time for a new way of eating. Nourishment not punishment.

With the likes of Instagram and Snap Chat gaining notoriety, the internet is rife with everyone trying to sell you the perfect diet. Many people, with no qualifications in nutrition, are selling e-books and downloadable programs telling people what to eat to get the tone perfect abs like they display in their pictures. However, what if they are selling dangerous diets that not only rob your body of vital nutrients but steal your self-esteem and tear you in the wrong direction?

I see so many people confused about what to eat due to the conflicting messaging in the media from traditional sources to social media, and the problem is getting worse. Whilst we know more about food than ever before, it seems we have lost our way when it comes to food. Othorexia is on the rise, along with obesity. From one extreme to the other or two sides of the same coin?

I believe that dissatisfaction with ones body is an almost normal human conditioning - we are almost programmed to dislike ourselves these days. Food is seen as something to count, measure or fit a set of rules. Diet is a four letter word that sums up the restriction, limitation and punishment. It is time to call back our power and fall in love with food once again. Food is the remedy not the enemy.

Food is nourishment for our cells. It gives us our zest for life - the energy to fully function. A healthy body is not just one free from disease. What if, instead of looking for the best diet to go on to lose the most weight in the fastest time possible, you committed to nourishing your body with foods that fuel your mind, body and soul? What if, instead of looking for the lowest calorie snack, you picked the whole food that was rich in colour, vitamins and nutrients? What if, instead of fearing fat, you became friends with it and fed your mind all the goodness that it needs to spark your metabolic rate and balance your hormones when you eat avocados and oily fish etc? What if you threw away man-made spreads and embraced the nourishment that comes from real butter? I wonder how much better you would feel if you drank water instead of coffee? How would you feel if you walked half the places you drove? These are just some of the things we can do every day to get back to the health that help us fuel our soul.

Healthy habits don't have to be time consuming, they don't have to be complicated. But start - start today! Have one less sugar in your coffee this morning. Have one less cup tomorrow. Swap the air popped low fat crisps for some unsalted raw deliciously nourishing nuts. Make this the year you say no more restrictive diets, but yes to real whole food that feeds your mind, nourishes your body and fuels your soul. Commit to yourself - you deserve a body you love. Life is too short to hate the skin you are in.

If you are interested in improving your relationship with yourself and ditching the diet mentality for good you are in the right place. Kirsten can help you feed your mind, nourish your body and fuel your soul. For more information, email: