Feed your mind, Nourish your body, Fuel your soul


I’m Kirsten Davies – a nutritionist and body confidence coach. I’m also the person who is going to help you fall in love with your body again.

I want you to escape the diet trap. The yo-yo dieting. It’s time to stop the negative voices in your head. Quit the self-sabotage.  

Our relationship with food is complex. Because it’s about way more than food. It’s how you feel about yourself.

I help you understand what’s going on in your mind and your body. I create bespoke food programmes that work for your particular health challenges and give you the tools and support to tackle any mental challenges you are facing. The end result?  You feel body confident, healthy, nurtured and happy. You only have one life. It’s time to love yours.


Kirsten is the real deal and shines bright as a woman who walks her talk. I have been blessed to count her as a friend for years and to see her in action, helping women fall in love with themselves and make peace with food, is to see a woman in her element. If you want to make change once and for all, call her now - with Kirsten as your guide, you cannot fail.
— Lucy Sheridan, Entrepeneur
Kirsten is the Queen of Risotto!
— Jools Oliver

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