I have been trying to get pregnant for four months, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful, I drink about 5 cups of instant coffee a day and about 5 cups a tea, my doctor suggested that I cut down on this, but surely this cannot be interfering with my fertility?  

There is growing evidence to show that caffeine, particularly in the form of coffee, decreases fertility. One study showed that drinking as little as one cup of coffee a day can halve your chances of conceiving.

Colas, coffee, chocolate and black teas, amongst other things also contain caffeine so should be limited too.  Coffee can deprive the body of important nutrients which are important for fertility. Try weaning yourself off them gradually over the course of a week to ten days to minimize withdrawal symptoms, and replacing them with herbal teas, dandelion coffee (which is caffeine free) vegetable juices, and fruit juices. Fruit juices should be diluted at least 50% with water.

There are many other things you can do to ensure you are in the best health possible before you conceive. Ensure you eat a wide range of fresh organic natural foods, fruit, vegetables, lean meats, wild fish, nuts and seeds. Although your letter doesn’t say you age, it is recommended that women under 30 should generally try to get pregnant on their own for 1 year before seeking testing.