Sometimes all you have to do is show up! dj kirsty Do you ever self sabotage?

Today I almost did just that!

I was recently offered a my own Radio show on a local radio station (Oystermouth radio)- Yes you've got that right a chance for me to have my own show,I mean how blinking amazing is that? However I spent the whole day trying to think of a way to get out of going to the meeting!


Yes all day, it was as if fear was being pumped through my body, so I had to have a serious word with myself.

What are you scared of? Is the first question I asked myself.

Well firstly I am what is known as technologically challenged, I set alarms off in shops, get electric shocks of thing and generally anything electric goes a bit crazy around me.

Shes electric has a whole different meaning where I am concerned.So I was worried I wouldn't be able to work the computers.

However that was just the superficial worries, I guess my biggest concern if I am being totally honest is what will people think? I mean who exactly do I think I am to have a radio show?

I guess this is just my crazy ego trying to trip me up and me trying to self sabotage myself!

I'm a qualified nutritionist I help people feed their minds, nourish their bodies and fuel their in day out -that's who I am!

After I had this chat with myself examining my fears I realised that this is me being pushed out of my comfort zone and we all know that the zone of growth is where the magic happens right? So I had to suck it up, feel the fear and do it anyway!

Is there something you want to do but stop yourself out of fear of what people may think?

Are you blocking your own success?

Once we have identifies how we get in our own way, we can challenge our view and our perception and put things in place to get out of our own way!

So I sent a text to guys at the Radio show telling them I was feeling really nervous about learning how the equipment worked and my nerves were put at ease and I was told I would have support every step of the way!

There is a Famous poem by Marianne Williamson in which she says ''Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine.''

It was this that made me realise that I was trying to shrink myself out of fear, fear of what people would say, fear of not being able to use the equipment etc. I realised that I was playing small and me playing small wasnt going to help anyone!

So I got dressed and showed up!

The best part? I had the most amazing time!

So I am please to Announce that Tuesday the 21 of April 2015 at 7pm My first radio show The Food Remedy will be on air!!! Feed your mind, Nourish your body and Fuel your soul.

To listen click here Tuesday 21 of April 2015 at 7 pm UK time!