A poll on This Morning (A morning Tv show for those not based in the UK) found that 89% of people said they weren't happy with their body. love your body pic

This made me feel so sad, I think mainly because it brought up all the old feelings that I used to feel about my body. I basically spent most of my my teenage years and my early 20s wanting to be different to how I was, whatever I looked like I wasn't happy. I tried every diet under the sun and no matter how I looked I found fault with myself. My thoughts ranged from believing that if i was a size 10 life would ultimate be easier, better and I would feel good enough. Then when I was a size ten I used to tell myself oh its my hair if my hair was longer I would be happy/good enough etc, then my hair grew and low and behold the focus changed to something else.

Looking for acceptance and love outside ourselves never ever works we need to love the skin we are in before we can be truly happy. Even if you want to change its easier to change through self love than self hate.

I think its a very real thing to feel not good enough so many people that i speak to tell me that one time or another they have felt this way. Yet when spoken out loud it sounds so strange as I'm not sure who I thought was ever going to hand me the 'good enough' ticket anyway.

We are all born good enough, worthy of love and deserving of love especially self love.Our bodies are beyond magnificent Its taken me many years to truly appreciate my body and I can now say that I finally love the skin I am in. This doesn't mean I think I have the perfect body or think I'm better than anyone else and its not narcissistic at all. I think body love is simply an acceptance of who you are in the physical form.

I find the human body mind blowingly fantastic I mean the fact that we can grow another human being inside our bodies is enough to blow my mind, now I know this is something that everyone know but just stop and think about  that for a minute would you. You grew inside your mum! Mind Blowing, science is amazing but we have yet to find another way to grow humans!

Your skin, hair and nails grows all of its own accord, that I find simply fascinating.If you fall over and cut yourself your body heals the cut all on its own - you don't have to tell it to heal it just knows what to do - just like that!

So many people get caught up in the aesthetics of how we look, and humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things. But what makes a person beautiful is who they are as a person. Charisma, humor a kind heart are for me what makes someone beautiful.

Its not what you look like but who you are, have you ever been to a party and just been drawn to someone who may not fit the stereotypical media type of beauty but yet you have been captivated by them because they loved life they had it the X FACTOR? The most attractive person isn't necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing person and that for me is true beauty, not the nature of genetics but the human soul.

So people of the world love the skin you are in, life is really to short to be lived any other way. Love yourself so much that you light up the room simply by walking in it. The size of your heart not the size of your arse that makes you beautiful.