Ever wondered Liam Williams eats? Well I caught up with Liam Williams a Wales international who is currently playing for the Scarlets. To find out!

Hi Liam thanks for having a chat with me today, as a professional rugby player how important is your diet?

It is pretty important to have a healthy diet being a professional sports man. It helps me to stay in shape, keep my weight up and work harder in the gym.

Has being a rugby player influenced your diet in anyway?

It has influenced a little, i ate pretty well when i wasn't a rugby player but now that its my job I work hard to eat well and stay in shape.

Whats a typical days food like for you?

Breakfast - Scrambled egg on 2 toast, ham and beans. protein shake. ( At training Meal 1 )

( Meal 2 )  roast beef with lots of veg.

Tea would have another full meal after i get home from training something like a home made lasagna and vegetables.

I’d also probably have poached egg on toast before bed too.

What’s your Favorite food?

 To be honest its pretty hard to pick my favorite food, I like abit of everything. If i 'had' to choose i would pick fajita's.

Do you take any supplements?

 Take a supplement called PAS at scarlets training.


Liam has a great range of healthy whole foods in his diet, life as a professional player is physically demanding. During training their body is pushed beyond normal limits. Nutrition is a key foundation upon which sports performance is built, without a clean nutrient rich diet they won’t be getting maximum results on the pitch.