Seasonal affective disorder is a depressive condition triggered by lack of sunlight. Your mood is hugely influenced by your diet and there are many things you can do nutritionally speaking to help boost it. The levels of serotonin in our body can drop for a number of reasons. One is a lack of sunlight, which is why many people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. This can be made worse if your diet is lacking in pro-serotonin foods, such as protein and essential fatty acids. And again this can be made worse still if your consumption of anti-serotonin foods such as caffeinated drinks, coffee, diet drinks or foods is high as this which inhibit the natural production of this ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. To help boost your mood ensure you keep your blood sugar levels even and eat little and often, combining both protein and carbohydrates and example of this could be fruit and yogurt, vegetables and hummus, oatcakes and cheese or a chicken salad. Oily fish and eggs provide both essential fatty acids and vitamin D research had shown that minor deficiencies in these nutrients can affect mood. Cutting out processed foods, coffee and sugar and increase fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, meats and lentils. When we support ourselves nutritionally and nourish our bodies with the right foods, we can literally eat ourselves happy.