When Scientists discovered a link between high blood cholesterol and heart disease, foods high in cholesterol logically became suspect. But after 25 years of study, it has become evident that cholesterol in food is not the culprit –Trans an...d saturated fat has a much bigger effect on blood cholesterol. This evidence has led to major world and UK health organisations revising their guidance, The British Heart Foundation has dispensed its recommendation limiting eggs to 3 to 4 a week and the Food Standards Agency also advises that most people do not need to limit how many eggs they have.

Not all eggs are created equally. Eggs are only as healthy as the chicken that lay them, the kind of fat in them depend on the fats in the chicken’s diet. Hens given all-organic feed produce organic eggs, chickens that are allowed to roam freely (free range) or whose feed is supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids. I would recommend you always buy organic free range eggs and I personally think 10 eggs a week is a good limit.

As published in Swansea evening post.