The Food Remedy Fitness Retreat is a special place that uses a unique formula to help you achieve the levels of health, energy and wellbeing you’ve been searching for.  Our health retreat is a far cry from fat farms and weight loss boot camps -

we are not about what you will lose but more focused on what you will gain. 

Instead of the latest trendy diet or superfood we believe in a ‘fad-free diet’ where we teach you how to take control of your own health so you can figure out for yourself which foods and lifestyle habits are best for YOU. 

This weekend is all about food, fitness and fun! 

Both Dafydd and Kirsten have been practising for 7 years and have spent years working with people just like you. Forget temporary solutions offered by weight loss camps and detox holidays - we can promise that whatever your background, whatever your current level of health and fitness, we can help you achieve your goal of taking control of your wellbeing, taking ownership of your health and taking your life to that next level of engagement, achievement and enjoyment.

During your visit with us you will be treated with a very personal touch as we like to ensure everyone gets attention and most of all that you enjoy your stay with us. You'll enjoy finding that you can exercise and healthy food is far from boring. 

Following your stay you will be given a detailed departure pack including nutritional advice, fitness advice and recipes. We will ensure you go away with the ability to continue to improve your fitness. We don't just say goodbye at the door and you will have access to Dafydd's personal Facebook group that's invitation only and email access to Kirsten. 


We invite you to join us on The Food Remedy Retreat and let your senses revel in the sensational surroundings and positive energy and allow us to empower, educate and inspire you to step in to your healthiest happiest self.

Unlike other health retreats, our aim is not for you to reach a number on the scale, to tone your arms, or to “get rid of your belly”. Our aim is to help you wake up every single day with a sense of confidence and happiness that springs from deep within - knowing that when you have this solid inner foundation of self love the outer transformation follows with ease”


Join Kirsten Davies and Dafydd Judd on an exclusive retreat to feed your mind, nourish your body and fuel your soul.

This retreat will to help you become a happier, healthier and more relaxed version of yourself, from the inside out.

During the weekend you will learn transformational techniques to help you empower your mind and free your body.

You will stretch and move your body and give you lessons to help you move past the blocks that keep you from becoming the highest version of yourself. 

Kirsten Davies is a qualified nutritionist and founder of The Food Remedy and her passion for food and how it fuels and heals the body is unsurpassed. 

Kirsten’s mission in life is to help people to ditch the “diet mentality”.  She educates her clients and audiences about whole foods that will nourish their bodies, soothe their minds and quell their hunger. And most importantly this food philosophy does not come at the expense of taste, nor require the demonizing of any food groups.

Kirsten trained with Ian Marber; The Food Doctor, of Harley Street London and has 7 year experience as a practicing professional nutritionist. She opened the Healthy Living Stage at Jamie Oliver’s Big Food Festival in 2015 and is often featured in the media, having written for Prima Mother and Baby, Mother and Baby Magazine, and Kirsten has also had her own regular nutrition column in London’s Families magazine and the South Wales Evening Post for several year. 

Dafydd is a qualified personal trainer who exudes health and fitness.

He encompasses a lifetime’s interest with human performance and how we can develop through the correct movement.

 His client list is as diverse as his training methods; he consults with celebrities, athletes, actors, models and everyday people.

As cliché as it sounds, his passion is to help people, especially those who have been frustrated for so long.

He works both individually and with small groups, helping them achieving long term results through challenging, periodised and progressive workouts. He is setting new standards and proper training methods based upon the function of a person’s individual anatomy, not a manufactured machine. With 7 years fitness experience, dynamic approach, boundless energy and humour only add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy.

Laura is the assistant chef at The Food Remedy Retreat.


Laura Griffiths is the founder of LGood Life, Laura also believes nutrition is paramount to attaining a happy body & mind. 

Laura has run a health food cafe and is currently the manager of Bluebell Kitchen in Sketty. Kirsten and Laura have worked together to create a nutritionally balanced and equally delicious menu that will satisfy your nutritional needs and your taste buds!


The benefits of having both a chef and nutritionist in the house make this retreat one of a kind.



Escape the every day trappings of your busy life and reconnect to your body, to nature and realign your life.


The Yoga House is an enchanting 200 year old Grade II listed country house in the village of Tresaith.The Yoga House is a beautiful space full of positive and healing energy, chosen for the charming accommodation and spectacular location.

Set in 5 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens, just a stone’s throw away from Tresaith’s glorious sandy beach on the southern coast of Cardigan Bay, West Wales.  

This luxurious weekend retreat gives you the space to unwind and relax far away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, a time to step away from the outside world - a place where you can appreciate the stillness, immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere and revitalise your soul.


• Luxury country house accommodation

• All meals and snacks - seasonal, locally sourced, organic food

• Support throughout the weekend from your retreat hosts, nutritionist Kirsten and Fitness Expert Dafydd.

• Time to relax and explore the beautiful grounds and the nearby beach and countryside

• Fabulous goody bag packed with healthy, luxurious treats from the best wellness brands




"Having known Kirsten for five years, she is constantly promoting wellbeing and health but in the most consistent and manageable way. She has the plan for life. What goes into your body truly makes you who you are and Kirsten has a knack of sharing with you exactly what you should be feeding it with. She always leads by example and shows you how to enjoy healthy food the right way. Her reputation goes before her and her knowledge on the good foods is extensive. She has personally helped my autistic son change the way he eats to help him achieve his best. Kirsten has been an absolute God send and I can highly recommend her services. She's a five star kind of girl!" 

- Shell Williams, Entrepreneur









"Kirsten is quite simply wonderful!!

She genuinely cares about her clients and really invests in the best possible plan to help them achieve their goals. I have followed Kirsten's career for many years now and she is a true advocate for women and men's body issues. My favourite article of Kirsten really struck a chord with me it was entitled 'Your size is not your worth '.

Work with Kirsten today, you will come out feeling positive and ready to embrace the change towards a healthier you!"



4pm - Arrive drinks and nibbles 

5.30-6.30pm - Movement with Dafydd

7.30pm - Dinner created by Kirsten cooked by Laura 


7-8am - Morning movement class with Dafydd

8.15am - Breakfast created by Kirsten cooked by Laura

10am - Talk by Kirsten Feed your mind -  how to conquer your inner demons and change your thoughts

11am Talk by Kirsten Nourish Your Body - why diets don't work and how to move from punishing regimes to nourishment from the inside out

1pm - Lunch created by Kirsten cooked by Laura

2-6pm - Free time

6pm restorative movement  Dafydd

7:30pm - Dinner created by Kirsten cooked by Laura



7-8am - Morning Movement with Dafydd

8.15am - Breakfast created by Kirsten cooked by Laura

10am -  Experience the Food Remedy Approach in action! learn how to nourish your body and fuel your soul, with the expert guidance of Kirsten in the kitchen, this is where we will show you how to eat after you have left the retreat. 

We will look at portions, talk about the calorie myth and give your examples of what a wholes days eating could look like.

11.30 Question and answers session with Dafydd and Kirsten

12.30pm - Light Lunch 

1pm - Depart





Twin Room / Double Beds / Ensuite / Double Occupancy
385.00 485.00

Prices are per person.

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Twin Room / Single Beds / Shared Bathroom / Double Occupancy
325.00 425.00

Prices are per person. 

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Payment plans are also available on request. A £100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

If you would like to arrange a payment plan with Kirsten please fill out this contact form.


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"Kirsten is a bright shining star in the wellness industry. She has inspired me so much on my own journey by teaching that true wellness is about so much more than green juice and sexy yoga pants. Wellness is not one perfectly set up Instagram photo, it's a way of life, and Kirsten is walking her talk and inspiring so many with her messages about food, health and self-love." 

- Vix Maxwell, Founder of New Age Hipster










"Kirsten has helped me improve my diet and increase my energy levels. Before seeing Kirsten I was anaemic and used to faint a lot. Kirsten explained the importance of being organised with food planning and encouraged me to eat more regularly. Changing my diet has helped me improve me iron levels, feel much better, and faint far less!" 

- Sophie Louise, Teacher


All of your retreat payments, including your initial deposit are non-refundable.
This is because we want to help you get the best results during our time together. We can only do this if you're as committed to your journey as we are.
Please ensure before you book that you have checked your schedule, the dates work for you and that you're able to make the payments.
Make this an empowering decision for yourself and help us to help you in the best way we can.