SOUL TRAVEL - A JOurney to self discovery


you are-

A beautiful , strong , powerful woman with passion. Or at least, once upon a time you were. 

Right now , you’re in need of a reboot, reset and a gentle reminder of who you truly are. 

You want to get refocused and rediscover your souls desires and inner power. 

You want to believe in yourself and your huge incredible life, because you’ve lost sight of what you’re truly capable of. 

You want to live a happier more soul fulfilling life! 

if you feel alone, disconnected and your soul is yearning to be surrounded by incredible like minded women.

If you want to feel the connection , the sister hood , if you need to take some time out to focus and reconnect with who you truly are .

If your soul is whispering to you there is another way to live then Soul Travel is for you!

You will be immersed in HIGH-VIBES and gorgeous surroundings that will help you awaken your core desires and ignite the fire within. Greek out” is far more than a retreat - we’re not going to encourage you to go within or go back , we want to help you unleash the power within! We want to awaken your inner goddess....Call us the catalysts to your soul fire! 

Join Soul Travel and embrace the journey to self discovery. “Greek out” with likeminded people in a beautiful private villa for one week, relax, reboot and recharge. During your week away, we will aim to retrain your thought patterns and help you flip the script by identifying the blocks that are preventing you becoming the best version of yourself .Through guided workshops, daily movement , sisterhood and a whole lot of fun! You will find the tools to break the patterns in your life that no longer serve you. It’s time to find your voice , ignite your soul desires and most importantly , step into and own your true power! You know it’s there! 

One of the many things we love about travel is how truly healing it can be . Do you ever find yourself mutter the words “I need a holiday” ?

Sometimes, we live on auto pilot going through the motions and disconnecting to what we really feel because more often than not those feelings can be too intense and overwhelming. Ultimately , taking a break can help you acknowledge them, feel them and heal them. 

The “
Greek Out” experience has been designed for you to give your soul space to refresh, reset and reboot in preparation for you to return to your life with the emotional tools to move forward in a more positive and fulfilling way , enabling you to create a life you love . 

As a team, we know what a tonic travel has been for us, and it can be for you too - Soul Travel’s purpose is to provide a safe haven for you to meet with like minded people who, through shared experiences and goals, will strive to help each other heal and grow as individuals.

Soul travel can help provide a path to a healthier, more conscious and fulfilled lifestyle. It feeds the soul in a special way, this isn’t just travel ,it’s a journey. 

Let the magic of soul travel work for you -

Finding yourself is not really how it’s works. You are not a ten dollar bill in last winters coat pocket! You are also not lost. Your true self is there buried under cultural conditioning, other peoples opinions and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became the beliefs of who you are “ finding yourself “ is actually returning to yourself. An unlearning , an excavation , a remembering of who you were before this world got its hands on you.

Meet your hosts

Kirsten Davies

Kirsten Davies

Kirsten is a nutritionist, self love coach, motivational speaker and founder of The Food Remedy. 

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain their energy and vitality. With an emphasise on self-love, self acceptance and self confidence kirstend has a holistic approach to health and happiness.Kirsten empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness through her live events, group coaching and written work. Her messages combines the link between mind, body and spirit. Where she explores the libk between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body. Real, whole food and radical self love is her mantra with which teamed with her burning passion to help others see their own light, makes her compellingly magnetic.


Jenna McCormick

Jenna is the founder of For Fit’s Sake, a woman on a mission to rescue people with proven strategies to help them raise their frequency and create the reality you want. 

Having undergone massive transformation herself,  her mission is to now guide other women through the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of manifesting and creating all that your heart desires. She helps women remove mental and emotional blocks so they can rediscover that manifesting is your natural birthright. Her vibrant energy has helped many women feel more confident, reconnected, and powerful.

A message from your hosts

Here’s the truth, we've both been in your shoes. And trust us, we wore those shoes into the ground! But now, despite leading busy lives we get up everyday with more energy than a double espresso times two could give you, more excitement than a child at Christmas and more zest for life than we thought was ever possible. We no longer shame ourselves and seek approval , we don't have a punishing diet plan or exercise regimes or follow all the things society tells us we should be anymore , we want to arm you with the knowledge we learned on our journey to help you on yours! Trust us when we say we’ve experienced it all! From heartbreak to failure we’ve been there and worn that big old oversized crappy T-shirt! We know there’s more to life , we know our worth and inner power and we know we can help you find yours! 

Magic Happens When Women Gather.

We designed soul travel to be that special place , we use a unique formula to help you achieve the levels of health, energy and wellbeing you’ve been searching for.  Soul travel is a far cry from other health retreats,  fat farms and weight loss boot camps - We will help you take control of your own happiness.This week is all about empowering you through education, inspiration helping you to embrace you! Imagine how it would feel if you woke up every day feeling comfortable in your own skin, If you felt confident and full of self belief and self love for exactly who you are, right now. If you felt at peace with your body, without having punish yourself with food - or a lack of it.If you stopped criticising your body - and became your own best friend.

Imagine you had all the courage and confidence to pursue your dream life.

Maybe you have seen other people living colourful , confident fulfilling lives and you know deep down it must be possible for you too , well let us tell you, IT IS and that’s where we come in! We know it is possible and we’re excited to see you all transform into the incredible powerful women you are! 

Here at Soul Travel we believe in people, we believe in human potential and the possibilities of the mind. Our goal is touch millions of lives and help empower women to know that greatness is already within them.

Jenna & Kirsten x


Whats Included

Ready to get packing?

Join us solo or with friends - we have only 10-12 spaces available for “Greek Out” 

Investment : 

Pay in full : £1350

Payment plan : £1500 spread over 3 easy payments 

If you would like to join as a two or group contact us for discounted options -


PLEASE NOTE - Flights and transfers are not included and must be purchased separate by yourself. We can help with this upon request.



All of your retreat payments, including your initial deposit are non-refundable.
This is because we want to help you get the best results during our time together. We can only do this if you're as committed to your journey as we are.
Please ensure before you book that you have checked your schedule, the dates work for you and that you're able to make the payments.
Make this an empowering decision for yourself , help us to help you in the best way we can.