My name’s Kirsten and I am so happy to have you here. The first thing I am going to say to you is this:

You are gorgeous.  You can feel well.  You will be happy.

You may not feel that way. You may not believe it. Yet. But you will. Here’s why:



My story

A few short years ago, I was trapped in a cycle of self-loathing, yo-yo dieting, depression and sadness. I’d spent years hating the way I looked, comparing myself to others. I missed out on life, choosing not to go to parties or out with friends for fear that I would look fat or uncool.

I hit rock bottom when life as I knew fell apart around me in the space of a few months my relationship, my job my whole existence changed, at first it reinforced my belief that there was something wrong with me. However when you hit rock bottom you have two options to stay their or rebuild yourself when your at the bottom you have nothing to lose and for me the way i saw it - the only way was up! Sometimes you need life as you know it to change, when your pushed out of your comfort zone into the zone of growth you have no option but to grow.

I realised that only I could change my life. So I took control. I changed career and qualified as a Harley Street trained nutritionist and body confidence coach. I trained with Ian Marber, the Food Doctor and have also worked with Dr Marilyn Glenville and Jamie Oliver, a champion of healthy eating.

I started to change what I ate, but also how I thought about myself. I realized that I wanted to help other people who had lived with the same lingering feelings of self-loathing that I’d experienced for years.


The Food Remedy

The Food Remedy was born, food had become my friend it was no longer the enemy. I wanted to help others, so many girls i knew hated how they looked were confused about what they ate and didn't feel great about themselves. I combine my nutritional knowledge with mindfulness and psychology, helping clients understand the link between the food they eat and the thoughts they think.

My mission in life is to get people to ditch the “diet” mentality and educate them about how food is central to spiritual and physical well-being.  I prove that healthy eating does not come at the expense of taste nor requires “demonizing” carbohydrates or cutting out food groups. Real, whole food is my mantra.

feed your mind, nourish your body, fuel your soul


Who I help

I work with women from the age of 15 up to help them regain their confidence by teaching them how to feed their minds, nourish their bodies and fuel their souls.  I work with people who have food-related health issues, body confidence issues, weight loss goals or eating disorders.

The Food Remedy is registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. We comply at all times with their Code of Ethics and Practice.